Varsity women’s water polo sets new record

Water Polo
The women’s water polo team celebrates their WAAC championship. (Hannah Mooney)

The women’s water polo team celebrates their WAAC championship. (Hannah Mooney)

This year, the women’s water polo team made history. The team holds the best West Alameda Country Conference (WACC) record this year of 6-0 in league, compared to the previous best record from 2000, which was 16-5. The team was victorious at the WACC championship tournament this year, and won by scoring 129 goals over the course of the tournament. Their opponents scored 24 goals over the same span of time. The team was mainly composed of seniors, which sophomore Lucy Faust said was extremely helpful towards achieving their success.

“Because of having so many seniors on the team, with only a few additions to varsity, we already knew how to work well together as a team,” sophomore Lucy Faust said. “Lots of good food and team spirit gave us that extra edge over a lot of teams.”

The team individual leaders who scored many goals were a great help to the team coach Aileen Finney said.

The individuals that led the team in scoring were: senior Hannah Mooney with 96, senior Julia Caldwell with 79, sophomore Sarah Mooney with 37, Lucy Faust with 20, and senior Emily Matthews with 17.

Caldwell led the team in assists with 37, with Sarah Mooney following close behind with 36.

Hannah Mooney led the team in exclusions drawn with 44. Caldwell led the team in steals with 81.

“We worked so wonderfully as a team, and the dynamic this year was the best that I’ve ever seen,” Caldwell said.

Mooney said that part of the team’s success this year was because they worked so well together.

“We worked so hard, had good teamwork, and mostly had tons of fun together, and had awesome coaches,” she said.