Badminton encounters equipment struggles


Rackets and birdies fly through the air, signaling the start of badminton practice.

Because it is a new sport, the badminton team was originally having trouble getting together all of the equipment needed for the team, but through temporary donations, they have managed to pull through.

“The badminton team, at the moment, is still pretty new, so we try our best to accommodate everyone,” junior Allyson Chan said. “Although we don’t refuse anyone from joining, you do have to earn your spot on the tournament roster.”

In terms of equipment, the coaches have been understanding and generous, so they have supplied the players with nets, birdies, and training rackets. The coaches donated the majority of the equipment that the team has.

Eventually, however, each player will need to buy his or her own racket, as there are only about five to six supplied by the coaches. This is enough for the team now because the number of people who show up to practice fluctuates everyday, senior Aidan Davidson said.

Junior Selina Pan just recently bought a racket, which normally cost about $20-50, but the high-end rackets can sometimes cost over $100.

“I think it was worth it because people will get use to the grip of a certain racket and that will effect how they play in the game,” she said. “Each racket’s feel is different.”

Though most people have not bought their own rackets yet, the team is still able to function well during practices.

“There are enough birdies for sure,” Pan said, “When there aren’t enough courts to play on, which is very unlikely, we usually take turns with a ten minute interval. When there aren’t enough rackets, the coaches will actually let us borrow their own rackets for that day.”

The team does not yet have money to buy equipment, but there has been talk about raising money through a car wash, senior Aidan Davidson said.