Men’s tennis victorious over Mount Eden


photo-3The men’s varsity tennis team succeeded in their match against Mount Eden High School, 7 – 0. At their last match against Arroyo, they also won 7 – 0, which is helping them to make a comeback from their previous defeat against Miramonte.

“Today was kind of an easy match, guys that don’t normally play got to play,” said men’s varsity tennis coach Neil Rothenberg. “It also puts things into perspective. We beat them pretty badly and we lost to Miramonte the other day. There’s always someone out there who’s better than you.”

Co-captain senior Charlie Newcomb, clad in his bright neon orange tennis shoes won against his opponent 6-0, 6-0.

“I think I played pretty well today, my serve was on point today which made me happy and made things easier,” Newcomb said.

Newcomb hit a winner shot against his opponent when he hit a forehand return to the corner of the court and his opponent could not reach the ball in time.

He also had excellent footwork up at the net, which helped him to succeed. Other highlights to his match were an overhead to the left corner of the court and a winning dropshot.

“I think we’re coming together, we’re [going to] be ready for [our game against] Alameda on Tuesday,” Rothenberg said. “That’s [going to] be a huge match for us because we have a rivalry with them; but everything went well today.”

One of the top singles players, junior Kenji Ky-Fries also played an impressive match winning 6-0, 6-1.

He used topspin and slammed overheads to the corners of the court while his opponent would scream out in frustration. He also hit a winning dropshot that his opponent could not reach in time in order to try to return.

Rothenberg said that he was especially happy with the respect and proper tennis etiquette demonstrated by his players throughout the match.

“Sometimes when you play a weaker team the stronger teams don’t show a lot of respect towards the players and I think we’re pretty good at showing respect,” he said. “We don’t showboat it and as long as they have fun, that’s all that matters.”