Softball defeats Tennyson, 3-2


imageThe women’s varsity softball team beat Tennyson High School 3-2 on Friday, May 3.

Captain senior Georgia Hill was the starting pitcher and sophomore Claire O’Connor was the starting catcher. The first inning ended 0-1, Tennyson.

By the sixth inning, Tennyson increased their lead, making the score 0-2.

Although Tennyson scored, Piedmont played great defense.

Hill got the first out by picking up the ball at the pitcher mound and tossing it off to junior Erica Peterson to get the out at first base. Second baseman, Freshmen Tess Olcott caught the ball then threw it to Peterson for the second out. Junior Tess Reichle played tough defense and caused Tennyson to get in a pickle and stepped outside of the base line, giving Tennyson their third out.

It was not until the bottom of the sixth inning when Piedmont first scored.

Captain senior Amy Dong got a base hit to get on first. Dong then stole to get on second, while Hill was hitting. Hill was tagged out at first, but Dong was able to get on third. O’Connor hit a deep ball to left field, which allowed Dong to score. The sixth inning ended 1-2, Tennyson.

In the seventh inning, sophomore Erin Peterson got a base hit to first. Sophomore Sydney Williams hit a hard ball to mid field and was safe at first, while Erin advanced to second. Reichle went up to bat and got on first and allowed for Williams to get on second, but Erin was tagged out at third.

Dong hit a high ball in-between left and mid field which Tennyson was unable to catch,  allowing for Williams and Reichle to score.

Assistant Coach Joe Peterson said the team pitched and played defense well during the game.

“We stayed cool. We battled the entire game and in the last inning we came back and won,” Peterson said.

Dong said the team needs to work on their hitting.

“We had some scrappy hitting but it worked out,” Dong said.” It’s a scrappy game, but we never gave up.”