Lacrosse ends win streak, prepares for NCS run


With a current fifteen-game win streak, the men’s varsity lacrosse team has a good chance of winning the league championship in the DVAL, or Diablo Valley Athletic League.had.

“The season has been pretty great so far,” said captain and goalie junior Drummond Thompson. “Ever since the Acalanes game, which was our second true NCS Division II game, we’ve won every game.”

Thompson said that at this point, the team is more or less expecting to “crush and win” the league championship.

“I think this is going to be the year we do it,” Thompson said. “[We’re going to] win league, which we’ve never done outright, and win NCS, which we’ve never even thought of.”

Men’s varsity lacrosse coach Jerem Stothers agrees with Thompson’s assessment.

“This team is on track and poised to win its first outright league championship,” Stothers said. “These kids have dedicated their whole year to lacrosse, and their craft, and it definitely shows.”

Thompson attributes the team’s successful season to the team dynamic which he thinks is comprised of the “right match up” of juniors and seniors, as well as some key sophomores like Chase Betta and Quinn Burnett, who are “powerhouses” on the team.

“I think this is probably the best team Piedmont has ever had, in all the histories of ever,” Thompson said. “I think the ages are right. I think the want for victory is there.”

Stothers, who has coached Piedmont lacrosse for ten years, said that this is the best team he has ever had.

“This team is the most dynamic and deep team we’ve ever had at Piedmont,” Stothers said. “Aside from the starters, the 11 through 22 [players] are close to, or as good as, the starters. I could put the second or third line in, and they’re very good as well.”

Thompson said that when former student Michael Hernandez left last year to play Division I lacrosse at the University of Michigan, “a little bit of light shone down on Piedmont.”

“[It showed] what we can truly live up to, and that’s basically what we’re trying to do,” Thompson said. “We’re trying to win, and we got it this year.”

Captain Teddy Heafey said that the camaraderie makes this team special.

“We did a bonding trip to Calistoga at the beginning of the season, rather than the end of the season, which really helped us come together and bond as a team,” Heafey said. “We have no real all-stars this year, just a bunch of ballplayers.”