Swimming stays undefeated


IMG_3342The girls swimming team has remained undefeated in league for the past 3 years including this year’s most recent success.

First year swimming coach John Savage said his goal this year as a coach is to simply get people faster and build a team that is always willing to work hard. He was also hoping to build on the past success that the swim team had already earned previously.

Savage said that the womens team is successful because this year the senior captains Hannah Mooney and Julia Caldwell have done a great job of motivating the team and being vocal.

“We also have a freshman name Sophie Reynolds who is very aggressive and I can put her in all the events and she can score a lot of points for us,” Savage said.

Across the board the girls are simply faster and that is the difference between the boys and girls parts of the team, Savage said.

“Theres more depth on the girls side then there is on the boys side,” Savage said. “[for the boys] I have individuals who are good at one or two things but for the girls I can fill them in for a lot more events”

Savage said, speaking to the talent of the girl’s team over the boys, swimming is one of those sports that if you do not start at 10 or 12 then you are not going to be successful.

“Theres a lot of technique involved in swimming which can carry you very far,” Savage said. “ If your technique is spot on then you can be a successful swimmer”

“It is always fun to have a core group of swimmers that start early together. THey have a great few years ahead of them,”Mooney said.

Senior captain Julia Caldwell said that the team does so well because of the good team dynamic with a lot of the swimmers having already been on club teams for a long time.

“The people who start younger and practice more will definitely get a feel for it but there is still opportunity to become faster even if you do not start as early,” Caldwell said.

As leaders, Hannah and I try to cheer people on and motivate the team but we also try and bond to maintain the team dynamic Caldwell said.

On the boys side, senior swimmer Ryan Pike said that his team does well because of the cohesiveness and the competitive atmosphere that allows them to be successful.

“We try and keep it competitive but at the same time we work well together as a team,” Pike said.

Pike has also played water polo this previous season and he said that this has helped him become a better swimmer.

“I do the 50 free[style] and relay. If you are good at water polo then you will be good at the 50 free,” Pike said.

Senior Delevan Tam said that most males do swimming because of the fitness aspect while the girls do it for the competition involved with the sport, which also says something about when these groups started swimming.

Although swimmers do not know if they qualified for NCS yet, Savage is confident that Piedmont’s men’s and women’s relay teams will qualify for NCS as well as individuals such as junior Spencer Tang, freshman Sophie Reynolds, and sophomore Lucy Faust.