Outstanding athletes shine to the next level


Whether it be basketball, crew, swimming or ice skating, students Katie Hubert, Spencer Tang, Lauren Seyranian and Kevin Shum have all proved themselves to be outstanding athletes at PHS.

Senior Katie Hubert is committed to USC for crew and says that in rowing, recruiting coaches come and watch practices. Then the emails start, resumes sent, tours set up, transcripts are pre-read by admissions, and then official visits are last.

Senior Spencer Tang is not officially committed to Wesleyan since there are no scholarships in D3, but their swim coach offered a special application reading.

“Wesleyan is a great school; without swimming and the coach’s help I probably have a 40 percent chance of getting in,” Tang said. “With his help, my chances range from 70 to 80 percent.”

Senior Lauren Seyranian has committed to UC Davis for basketball as their number one recruit, with a full athletic scholarship.

“[UC Davis offers] the best education and opportunities school wise and basketball wise,” Seyranian said. “ It is also really family oriented which I really like.”

Junior Kevin Shum recently qualified for nationals in ice skating. He competed in Sectionals two weeks ago and placed third.

Nationals are in Boston, and he said he is very excited. Shum said his favorite part about skating is that he gets the opportunity to travel to many different places.