Mike swings big on golf course


cardellJunior Cardell Mike is part of the golf team this year and his high score is 37.

Mike said that he started playing golf at a very young age and has continued ever since.

“My father had me playing golf as a young kid, around five or six, and I just grew up with it,” Mike said. “At the age of seven I got scouted by a training named Tommy Scales and he took me under his wing and showed me the ways of the golf game.”

Mike said that he plays about four times a week, or about 12 to 15 hours a week.

“My favorite thing about playing golf is being able to play with friends and being able to enjoy myself.”

Mike said that his favorite memory was Tyler Chip in from 100 yards out and the best thing about the golf team is that they are all friend and they work well as a team.

Golf teammate, senior Bobby Viens said that Mike is a good player and that he has been steady and consistent.

“He shot a 36 in a match which was awesome,” Viens said.

Teammate, senior Austin Sun enjoys having Mike on his team because he is not only an overall positive player but he is also very humorous.

“I think just how funny he is to play with is my favorite thing about him,” Sun said.

Viens said that Mike is known for being really funny, and he makes the team more interesting.

“My favorite thing was how he introduced himself as Thurnis Haley at one of our matches, it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” Viens said.

“Skip Hill, Bobby Viens and Louis Gerhardy are always fun to play with,” Mike said. “They tested my skill as a player but we would have a good laugh here and there.”

Mike also said that he has a great relationship with his coach.

“I love my coach,” Mike said.  “He one of the chillest people I know and he lets us work on our game but his goal is to have us become better golfers at the end of the day.”

Mike said he plans on playing in college, and that he has UNLV, Long Beach State, and Fisk University already interested in him.

“But I still have two more years to go so I’m not rushing to choose,” Mike said.