Football practice begins for the upcoming season


Teeth clenched, face red, and with sweat dripping down his hair, the athlete nudges the dumbbells higher until his arms are straight to finish up the day’s conditioning session.
Football players are currently conditioning during the offseason at the Witter Field weight room.
Head football coach Scott Coats said that conditioning helps make athletes more flexible, explosive and strong.
“Football is a sport that requires both great physical shape and cardiovascular fitness,” Coats said. “Through offseason conditioning, footballer players will better face the challenges in a contact sport.”
Coats also said that strength and athletic conditioning not only improves their performance on the field, but is also a safety precaution.
“Players that enter a football game without requisite shape and fitness are more likely to get hurt,” Coats said.
Strength and athletic training sessions are four times a week for one and a half hours a day, according to Coats.
“A typical workout program consists of dynamic stretching, some flexibility exercises, followed by a warm lift and then a technical lift,” Coats said. “After completing the technical lift, we complete a metabolic sequences of exercises and finish by doing something to improve core.”
Though the offseason training is not required of anyone, including football players, it is highly recommended for the previous reasons, according to Coats.
“The program is for both JV and Varsity players, and, frankly, any other student athlete who is interested as we are happy to train anyone who wants to improve,” Coats said.
Junior Adam Sayeed, Defensive Lineman for the Junior Varsity team, said that conditioning helps football players stay in shape, but is tiring.
“Even though I’m supposed to condition almost every weekday, I sometimes only go three times a week,” Sayeed said. “I don’t really enjoy it, but I go because I have to stay in shape.”
Freshman Michael Hebert, Offensive Lineman for the Junior Varsity team, said that conditioning is beneficial for him to perform well in football.
“It helps me get stronger and prevent injuries, which are big in football,” Hebert said. “I also get to look better.”