Quinn’s back, returns to lacrosse field after injury


After six months, lacrosse and soccer star junior Quinn Burnett, has recovered from his back injury and returned in time for NCS lacrosse playoffs.
Burnett earned 1st Team All-DFAL honors last season, and hoped to leave a positive impact on the team for the remainder of this season.
“It feels great to play again,” Burnett said. “I have a much greater appreciation for just being out on the field with my teammates.”
Burnett, who made the varsity lacrosse team his freshman year, was named as one of five lacrosse captains, despite being injured and unable to play most of this season.
“It’s really relieving to have [Quinn] back, because he adds a ton of experience and skill to the offense,” captain senior Peter Lally said. “His lacrosse IQ and stick skills are through the roof, and just having him on the field changes the way a defense plays against us.”
Lacrosse teammate junior Ben Serleth said that Quinn’s return not only revitalized the team’s spirit and energy, but also provided more depth to the roster, as he contributes a different playing style from his teammates.
“It feels pretty great to see Quinn back on the field because he’s been waiting all season for the chance to play, and the energy and talent he brings to the field is inspiring to watch,” Serleth said. “It’s good to have another captain’s presence on the field, and being a leader for the team.”
Burnett said that although the injury was a major physical setback, it provided him the opportunity to become more mentally sharp and has made him more grateful for the time he spends with his teammates.
“What I am looking forward to most is being able to play with the seniors who are leaving next year and just be able to do the thing that I move the most,” Burnett said. “I consider myself lucky that I can at least play a few more games this year because a lot of people don’t get that chance.”
Burnett said that he set goals for himself prior to the start of the season, but was unable to achieve those goals due to injury.
“There are some records that I had sought to set and goals I had hoped to achieve but I never really considered those important because the only stat that matters is wins and losses and even more importantly the bonds I make with my teammates,” Burnett said.
During the season, Burnett had to wear a back brace for the injury.
“It wasn’t too bad, at first I first I liked the brace because I looked huge but then when I took off my sweatshirt I got a lot of weird looks,” Burnett said. “All in all it was an experience that I can look back and laugh now.”
Burnett said that despite suffering an injury for most of the season, the season was not a total loss.
“I think that I have become a better leader this year, and that the little things that are accomplished are just as rewarding as the big time accolades if they come from hard work and perseverance,” Burnett said.