Senior soccer players retire


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The women’s soccer team will be challenged this year with a promotion to the higher division and fewer upperclassmen than usual. Only seven returning varsity players plan to try out for women’s soccer, and since three of them are sophomores, the team will likely be unusually young. Three other players, two of them seniors, have not yet decided if they will plan again.

The players have cited lack of free time as their reason for quitting.

“It just felt like too big a commitment for what I was getting out of it,” said junior Jane Kingston, who quit varsity mid-season last year due to lacrosse.

Practices or games usually happen five days a week, and the season runs from early November through early February, a very similar commitment to most other school sports.

Senior Erin Greening is one of the upperclassman who is considering not playing.

“I’m not sure yet if I’ll play because I didn’t have fun with the program,” Greening said.

She said that it is a big commitment and she wants to fully enjoy her senior year.

“We have our work cut out [for us],” said head coach Dan Chubbock.