Varsity baseball steps up to the plate with a new team


With an 11-9 record, varsity men’s baseball is planning on staying strong and playing hard to improve their standings for NCS.

After losing a majority of their team last year due to graduating seniors, the baseball team moved up many of the juniors and sophomores from JV. For the first time in years, they also have a freshman on varsity.

“It was a huge surprise,” middle infielder freshman Sam Von Herrmann said. “It’s an honor to be on varsity freshman year since it does not happen very often.”

This year, the baseball team has worked on their team dynamic by doing a lot of team bonding, which usually consists of playing FIFA or Madden.

“Right now we are working together to try and bind up these last four games,” Von Herrmann said. “Since we are in kind of a tough spot right now, it is bringing us all closer together.”

The varsity baseball team is currently in second place in the lower tier of their division. The number one team in their division is San Leandro, whom they hope to play and beat in the postseason.

“So far our best win this year was against Berkeley where we won 2-1,” pitcher senior Dylan Porter said. “There have also been many close games that we could have won, like against San Leandro, who we went into 12 innings with.”

This year the team is much more consistent, Porter said. The defense and pitching is much better as the team has had to adjust to the loss of so many players.

“We have three really good starting pitchers and two good relievers,” first baseman senior Connor Addiego said. “Our games have been pretty low scoring and wins have been tough to come by since we’ve been playing some  really good teams this year.”