An introduction


Dear Reader,

        The first month of school is gone, the eraser of your mechanical pencil is greying, the first pages of your planner are dog-eared and everything once new is now old. That is, everything except the new TPH editorial board’s introduction.

        We do not wish to simply introduce ourselves; we want to forge a long-lasting, mutual relationship.

        Words are nothing without thoughts, and thoughts are nothing without words. Our mission to inform and entertain our audience through words is impossible without the input of thoughts from our audience. The entire student body is the brain and heart of the newspaper, and TPH is the voice.

        TPH has been advocating on the behalf of Piedmont students for 103 years, and we are honored to continue this tradition. In the past, TPH has worked with the student body to help bring cookies back to food service, shed light on proposals to build a school perimeter fence and encourage collaboration with the police department. As we assume this crucial role of representing the student voice at this school, we would like to outline a couple goals that we hope to achieve this year.

        Firstly, as we stand for the entire student body, we hope to represent the diversity that is present in our school. We promise to listen to all opinions, and strive to accurately convey the ideas of everyone who contributes their voice.

        Secondly, we hope to elicit positive change in the school by transforming student input into administrative action. A key to achieving this is collaboration. As an editorial board, we hope to inspire cooperation between the newspaper, students, staff, administration and larger community. School is built on the constant birth of new ideas and the possibilities for change are endless. We hope that everyone is willing to work with us to find solutions to problems that exist, and embrace the positive aspects that are already present.

        Lastly, we will respect and utilize our first amendment rights to inform the community of the truth. So often biased and misinformed reporting skews the truth, but we promise to report from a non-biased and multidimensional perspective. Informing you is our first priority because we believe that education is the only path to positive change.

We are proud to be one of the few publications in our small community of Piedmont and embrace the responsibilities of such a role. It means we get to find and report stories not picked up anywhere else, and in some cases add a fresh perspective to those already being written. When this happens, it presents the greatest possibility for real change and is as exciting for us as it is rewarding.

        We hope that you will take part in our journey this year to accomplish these goals, for it is impossible without you. Help us inform and elicit positive change in the community by telling us your opinions—either in person, or online at