Safe Driving Assembly Student Reactions


Piedmont Police Captain Jeremy Bowers and Chief Marketing Officer of Hound Labs Jenny Lynn gave a presentation about safe driving to the sophomore and junior class body in the Binks gym on Oct. 24.

“I think it would make more sense to have the two assembly topics — Safe Driving and Consent — be staggered so that the grades attending could alternate between them. i.e: Freshmen: Consent, Sophomore: Safe Driving, Junior: Consent, etc… ,” Ashburn said.

“The current system we have now of attending similar assemblies two years in a row is a bit gratuitous,” Ashburn said.

“Just having a cop stand in front of you and to tell you to not drink and drive wasn’t that effective because of course they’re going to tell you that,” sophomore Maxine Miller said.

“I feel that it would be more effective if they had someone like the guy in the video come in and talk about it his experiences, instead of just a mom and a cop,” Miller said.

“I thought that the videos were very good at getting our attention and really helped connect the audience with what was being said,” junior Casey Kama said.