Giants’ Playoff run fuels baseball fandom at PHS


It’s the bottom of the ninth inning Brandon Belt carries the weight of the Giants postseason future batting up the last strike. Aroldis Chapman pitches, Belt strikes out, walking away and marking the end of the Giants even year dynasty as the Cubs fervently celebrates on the Giants home field. Back in Piedmont, many students fans were disappointed however a few were celebrating.

“It has really been a crazy thing,” said junior Daniel Alderman. “The Cubs haven’t won a world series in one hundred and seven years and this will be the one hundred and eighth year if they do not win this year.”

Last year, Alderman skipped class and went to Chicago to watch the Cubs in the playoffs, however the Cubs got swept and lost all the games.

“I think the Cubs had a very good defense where there would usually be a lot of errors and I am also really satisfied with the way we [The Cubs] prevailed and never gave up,” Alderman said.

Alderman flew out to Chicago over the weekend and watched the Cubs win against the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0.

“We would just be in Chicago and basked in the glory of the atmosphere that will be present during that time,” Alderman said.

Junior Philip Horn sometimes wears Willie McCovey socks, to give the Giants good luck.

“I thought the Cubs would win this series against the Giants because the Cubs have been a great team this year, the pitching is so complete and the offense too,” Horn said.

Horn is actually more of an Oakland Athletics fan, but he has respect for the Giants and their long history of greatness.

“The Giants won the wildcard game against the Mets and then they had a tough matchup against the Cubs who had a hundred plus season wins,” said junior EJ Cheung. “They were facing one of the best teams in the MLB and it was just a hard shot for them and they couldn’t really get it done.”

Cheung has been a Giants fan since he was a little kid. During the Giants postseason games, Cheung likes to wear an orange jacket for good luck.

The Giants bullpen struggled throughout the season, which is something that the Giants need to improve upon in the offseason, Cheung said.

One of the most interesting Giants games Cheung recalls seeing, was back in 2010. The Giants were behind seven runs in the fifth inning and then they eventually caught up and won the game.

“If they keep continuously going to the playoffs it’s not a failure for the Giants, I think the Giants can win a world series in the next ten years, we’ll just see how it plays out,” Horn said.