Student Reactions: Finals before break


“This year it’s been pretty tough because teachers have had some difficulty adjusting to the new schedule,” said senior Bryn Lawson. “But I think in future years it will be less stressful for students and teachers alike.”

“I sorta feel like it’s going to be nice to just relax over break but at the same time I sorta wish they were after break the I will have more time to review for finals but I can see both sides to this debate about finals being before break and after. But it’s nice to have a clear plate for winter break,” said junior Philip Horn   

“I thinks its good to get it [finals] out of the way”, said junior Sam Kostroun

“There are plus sides and down sides, plus sides we still know all of the information downside break gets pushed back a bunch,” said sophomore Josh Rogers.

“I feel that it feels a little bit packed but I’ll have to see what it will be like during break, it will probably be nice by not having to study for finals over break and not have homework or anything,” said junior Gabby Brown.

“I thought it was a good idea at first but now I’m really procrastinating over projects because I have so many projects this week and then next week its finals and I’m really confused and stressed out about it and so it varies. Lets see how the finals go after next week. I feel that it is a good idea to have finals before break,” said junior Eesha Shah.

“I think it’s awful. The week before finals is when all the early college apps come out, so there’s a lot of pressure there. Added with the final prep, it’s double the amount of stress than should be – especially because 1st semester senior grades are crucial in the college admission process. It’s an incredible amount of stress and a lot of teachers aren’t used to the schedule change either, so a lot of them are assigning projects, giving tests, and otherwise dumping work on us at the last minute right before the final.” said senior Victoria Hou.

“It [finals before break] also makes school start pretty early, it starts so early that it shorten summer however if we keep with this schedule that won’t happen because school will end earlier also so we will go back to a normal summer length but I also agree that it’s easier to study when you had a continuous session of school,” said sophomore Ben Sigal.

“I think it is a lot better because you don’t have to stress out later after finals, you just have the break to relax and you don’t have to stress about anything,” sophomore Jacob Tay.  

“I think I will like it a lot more because we won’t have any homework over the break and I won’t have to stress out about anything,” said sophomore Skyelar Connelly.
“I like it more because then we can relax more over break and not having to worry about finals once we get back,” said sophomore Henri Marchant.