Campus Question: Did you watch Trump’s inauguration?


No, I do not like Trump: 4

No, not interested: 3

“No, I did not watch, but that is just because I don’t have much interest and am not invested in politics” -Ivana Xu, Grade 11

No, I was busy: 5

Yes, I wanted to see what happened: 6

I watched the speeches because whether I agree with him or not, he’ll be the president of the country and to be a part of democracy you need to be educated on issues and have as much information as you can and know where your president stands on issues you care about” -Rachel Elliot, Grade 10

Yes, it is an important ceremony: 11

“I watched the inauguration of our next president because it’s a historic, monumental event in our history and in modern America and something that happens a very limited number of times in your lifetime,” -Rohan Srivastava, Grade 11