Campus Question: what was your favorite super bowl commercial?


TH Williamson, junior: The most memorable one was the lumber 84 one, where the Mexican mom and child were traveling all the way up to the American border, and there was just a fat wall there, and they were not allowed to air it on TV because it was so political, which is kinda dumb. That was the most memorable one. It was kind of a weird statement, because then they tried to turn it into a statement about how, like, there was some implicit kind of thing about how, oh, our lumber company is so great because look there’s a door made with—we made this door. Like it’s technically saying we contributed to building the wall, but hey look, there’s the door. Good intentions, I guess, maybe, but it didn’t execute well and it seemed like it kind of missed the point.

Emma Ziegler, junior: I did like the Budweiser one about immigration. And the one that was “don’t build a wall” or something, had a blue background at the end.

Keith Sibal, senior: Well, the most memorable commercial, if I can say that, was the one about the Mexican immigration family, the lumber company, that made you go online. I actually watched the second half of it. I just thought that was so provocative in a political way, especially for a commercial, and, you know, it was quite well done, I think, in terms of cinematography, and it was a way in which commercial advertising to a wide audience was used for almost political or social activism.

Avery Kokka, freshman: The Budweiser commercial. And the immigration one. The lumber one.

Andrew Hansen, junior: Melissa McCarthy’s commercial, for sure. Melissa McCarthy is a great comedian, and her movies—Spy was hilarious, obviously Bridesmaids she got nominated for an Oscar, so you already have that set, she’s gonna be funny. The commercial is physical comedy, but it’s also just like—her reactions, and everything. It’s about, she’s doing all these things, like the first example is, oh, Melissa, the whales need you, and she goes to try to save the whales and a whale lands on her dinghy and she goes flying, and it happens to her in like five other situations. There’s just something very comedic about it, over and over again, and she keeps going, and Melissa’s so, she gets beaten down, but she gets right back up.

Ceci Brien, freshman: My favorite commercial was the one with Justin Bieber. I think it was Tmobile.

Addie Perkins, senior: The one that stood out to me the most was the journey 84 lumber company. I really liked that one and I actually went to their site to figure out the rest of their story, and there were too many people looking at it so it didn’t load. I came back 30 minutes later and I found it.

Cole Bloomfield, senior: I personally really liked the Honda commercial where they had all of the celebrities faces from the yearbooks, and they were all talking, I thought that was funny. I thought the t mobile one that painted verizon as a dominatrix. It was literally about bdsm. I was like, oh my god, that just happened on television.

Ellie Coleman, junior: I really liked the Ford commercial. It had all the people like struggling, but it had like this music in the background. And it like changed. It was just a feel good commercial.

Lane Manalo-LeClair, Senior: I liked the Coca Cola one with singing and the songs — America the Beautiful in different languages.

Max Manalo-LeClair, Senior: I liked the ford one where everyone was stuck and the kid was trying to get his shirt off and where everyone’s like struggling and making it in the end.

Virginia Leskowski, spanish teacher: The one for the lumber, they couldn’t show it because Fox found it controversial, so they ended up showing only part of it. They made you go to their website to see the rest of it. I heard the website went down because so many people went to see it. I don’t know, for me, I just felt like there were a lot of businesses that made an attempt to find the positive things in our country and remind each other of the things that are happening. It filled me with hope. I just felt very proud of our country and very happy that those businesses decided to do that.

Paige Avagliano, Junior : My favorite commercial of all the commercials that I saw  was the jeep commercial. It was entertaining and cool!

Alex Lopez, Junior: I really liked the Melissa Mccarthy commercial.

Sam Von Herman, Sophomore: My favorite commercial was probably the Buick commercial with Cam Newton.

Kami Zimmer, Freshmen: My Favorite commercial was the Mr. Clean one.

Ben Fujita, Junior: The super bowl commercials this year weren’t the best, but I liked the Justin Beiber commercial.

Cato Leist, senior: It was the Budweiser one with the immigrant who gets like beat up and stuff. And then he like makes it and starts brewing beer in St. Louis. It really inspired me because I didn’t think anyone would want to go to St. Louis.