Mapes and Muñoz team-up to assume the role of temporary co-principals


Interim co-principals Irma Muñoz and Eric Mapes have taken on new roles and responsibilities during the search for a new principal.

The day after former principal Brent Daniels announced his intent to leave the position, both Mapes and Muñoz met with superintendent Randall Booker to discuss the open position. They determined that Muñoz and Mapes would lead the school together, which was unanimously confirmed by the School Board on Jan. 24.

“Before this transition, we were already working together as assistant principals. We were already a pair,” Muñoz said. “It’s been very natural to move into this position as co-principals.”

Muñoz now oversees programs like athletics, Challenge Success club, and the school’s accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, to name a few. Mapes now supervises graduation and PSAT testing.

“I didn’t want to take on anything where I knew she was strong and I felt like was an area of growth for me so that I could learn from her, and vice versa,” Mapes said.

The two interim co-principals are also sharing the load of the larger responsibilities.

“What changed is that we both decided to share discipline, it was too much to put on one administrator. We [also] share the Master Schedule,” Mapes said. “Evaluations is always both of us. And [also Individualized Education Programs.]”

Other teachers, administrators, and counselors are also taking on bigger responsibilities. For example, counselor Chris Hartford is now the Challenge Success coordinator and director of athletics Victor Acuña is also now in charge of facilities.

¨We’ve taken the job of three people and divided it by two,” Muñoz said. “There is an increased workload, however, there are a lot of teachers that have stepped forward to help with that.”

While staying busy with an increased number of meetings, events, programs, and departments to supervise, both interim co-principals are excited to find a new principal for the school.

“I’m looking forward to completing our team again,” Muñoz said. “I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.”