Meet Me @ Freezing Point Creamery

Meet Me @

I scream, you scream we all scream for ROLLED ice cream?

Ice cream is a dessert staple—it is ubiquitous, delicious and comes in so many flavors. Not only do the flavors vary, but ice cream can be found in cookie sandwiches, elaborate milkshakes topped with donuts and marshmallows, towering banana splits, tacos and now even in photogenic rolls.

Thai ice cream rolls are the latest take on the worldwide beloved dessert. The treat starts out as a liquid ice cream base and is poured out onto a freezing plate. Toppings such as Oreos, red bean, mango, strawberry, purple yam and matcha are then individually added and chopped into the liquid. The liquid is then spread out across the plate, where it freezes, and then is skillfully rolled and placed into a cup. Watching the preparation of the ice cream rolls is entertainment in itself.IMG_2053

Freezing Point Creamery serves artfully decorated Thai ice cream rolls, along with smoothies and Asian ice cream flavors, such as Thai milk tea, black sesame and the infamous stinky durian, to the East Bay. The ice cream rolls, 7 dollars a bowl, are filling, so definitely bring a friend along to share the dessert with. Because the toppings are chopped inside the cream, the ice cream has a unique texture. We tried the red bean rolls as well as the cookies and cream rolls, which were both heavy on the cream and light on the actual flavor. The red bean rolls in particular tasted just like cream and vanilla with red bean toppings scooped on top. In addition, the ice cream was so cold and hard to eat that it stuck to the spoon and required quite a bit of effort just to break up the rolls.

Overall, while Freezing Point Creamery is a fun one-time experience, it is not what we would not consider it a staple dessert location. The space is nice and has a beautiful mural on the wall, but the ice cream itself is sub-zero-par. In addition, the store strangely doesn’t offer receipts and is cash only.

If you ever find yourself in the area, or are up for a short adventure, a 10 to 15 minute drive away (add 10 minutes for parking), take a roll down to Freezing Point Creamery. However, the Ben and Jerry’s pint in your freezer will be just as satisfying. After all, ice cream is ice cream.