Piedmont parties pressure police: fresh, fast knowledge


It is important for teens to stay safe and be aware of social pressure so that they can make decisions that are right for them, Youth Educator junior Duncan said. Youth Educators (YEDs) primarily aim to offer eighth graders with adequate tools in order to handle the high school party scene.

“YEDs hopefully enlighten teens and make them more aware of their decisions by listing the pros and cons,” said YED advisor and PHS staff member Jeanna. “Obviously, YEDs would rather underange kids not drink or smoke, but they want to give incoming freshman the tools to appropriately handle party situations.”

Being a YED is about inserting reason and logic into a situation, Duncan said. YEDs make students aware of the reality of partying and allow them to make decisions on their own.IMG_9742

“I am demonstrating what being a good role model is and that you don’t need to be a partier to be cool in high school,” YED junior Isa Harrison said. “ I am showing that people can be respected without drinking or doing drugs.”