Summer Internships


Summer Internship List (2017)

Science: (Applications have been open since August 1, no deadline specified)

  • iCLEM at Joint Bioenergy Institute- paid internship for economically disadvantaged sophs and juniors: program/
  • Children’s Hospital Research Institute (CHORI) (this is a great program for high school students)



Law + Society:





  • Cooking Camp Internship – Love to cook? I have two 2-week unpaid internships available to assist teach cooking to preteens and younger teens. Your role will be: to help instruct the students on techniques, to assist the students in finding the right utensils and materials, and to help set up and clean up (including doing some dishes). I will teach you some techniques in advance so that you can help the students. You will also have the chance to taste what the class makes. The hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 1:30pm, at the Albany Community Center, in addition to an orientation meeting the week before you start. The two sessions are July 31 to August 11 (must be age 17 or older) or August 14 to August 25 (must be age 15 or older). If interested, e-mail by March 31 saying why this internship appeals to you, what job or volunteer experience (if any) you have, and what your age will be during summer camp.





Student Advice, Opinions and Thoughts About Internships:

Bryn Lawson, Senior:


“Another  good way to find internships, especially in Piedmont, is to ask around for connections

Cause I know that one of my family friends had some connections in the pharmaceutical industry that I might’ve done an internship with if I hadn’t gotten into the program that I ended up doing.”


“I think for the most part, [internships] offer real-world experience that you wouldn’t get in a classroom, because you can take an 8-week summer class  and you’ll learn a lot, but you’re doing the sames sort thing that you’ll be doing in school, but an internship will teach you more about what the job world would be like and that’s what I really appreciated about it.”


“[Internships] seemed to be the way that I could apply the knowledge that I had gained in summer classes that I had taken before and my in-school classes as well.”


I would say the pros [of interning] for me was ultimately the amount I learned, the number of friends that I had made that don’t go to this school who have similar interests to mine and also kind of gaining independence.”


“Some of the difficulties {of interning] are a lot of internships are gonna take up the entire summer, so you have to be really sure it’s really what you want to do. Because I was working 55 hours a week for eight weeks which was basically our entire summer, so you don’t have time for anything else.  And it can be kind of stressful because you may end up going into an internship and deciding, Well, gee, I really don’t like this.  But it’s important just to know that that’s just as important of an realization to have as Gee I love this!”


“It was probably pretty scary to arrive at [my internship] cause you know, you go to high school and there are kids that are doing really well in school and kids that are doing well and there are kids that are doing not quite as well, and then you go to this internship where there are all these kids that have all done really well in school and have excelled in certain subjects and you kind of have to figure out what defines you other than your academic performance so that kind of competition can be a little difficult.”


“I would say that I totally recommend doing [an internship] while you’re in high school if you have the opportunity to be in an internship … It’s not super common, a lot of kids aren’t doing that until college and it will really set you ahead and it will really give you insight into what you want to study and how you want to plan your life.”


“Keep an eye out for the application deadlines early on!”


Caroline Dunlap, Senior:


“I was informed of [an internship] through something posted on the school bulletin board outside and there was an application.”


“Two summers ago I did a program with medicine and in [a] hospital and then last summer I did an internship in local law… I wanted to do something that’s more career-based and more work focused so I could get that experience.”


“I wanted to do something that would be productive for later Caroline.”

“The pros of taking [my] internship were definitely getting more hands-on experience on things I normally obviously wouldn’t have been able to do… cons were …My friends, when they wanted to do something fun, I was like sorry I have to go to work or sorry I have to go to my internship. But I would definitely say there were more pros than cons, because I learned a lot and I met a lot of great people.”


“I would say definitely apply for an internship, but make sure  it’s something  you want to do and it’s not something your parents are pressuring you to do. Or something you feel pressured to do because you want it to look good on your resume. I would say the amount of time you invest in an internship is substantial and so I would say gear it towards something that you’re interested in.”