Art Jam Club offers students a creative outlet


Brushes, markers, pencils, and pens blanket the table. Students peer over each other’s artwork, critiquing, laughing, and smiling through every minute of it. This is just one small moment of many in Art Jam club, an art appreciation and creativity club started by sophomores Natalie Jeng, Brooke Hendershott, and Saira Brown.

Jeng, who is the club’s president, said she started Art Jam when she discovered that there is no art club at PHS. She also noticed how structured art is and although she enjoys the class, she wanted a way to explore different types of media.

“There’s cookie club, horse club, guitar-shredding club,” Jeng said. “We were so surprised that there was no art club.”

Art Jam’s goal is to provide a relaxing place to explore art while gaining inspiration from others.

“We wanted Art Jam to be a chill place, where people could draw, and especially draw whatever they want,” Jeng said.

Co-presidents, Brown and Hendershott, said the creation of the club was a very spur-of-the-moment idea, and that they submitted their application the day before the ASB Club Fair on Dec. 9.

“The day before, we were just like ‘why don’t we start an art club,’” Hendershott said.

Art Jam club currently has ten members.

“We have three lockers full of supplies, and everyone shares,” Jeng said.

All three of the club founders are currently in Art I or Art II classes, and have been pursuing art as a hobby since middle school.

“I started in seventh grade with just pencil, and now it’s a lot of paint and watercolor, acrylics,” Brown said.

They all have different preferences and specialties when it comes to their art, Hendershott said.

“I get bored in class, so in middle school I started drawing in my notebooks with Sharpies,” Hendershott said. “Now it’s graduated to fancy colored markers.”

The club meets Tuesdays after school for an hour, and they have done some non-school activities and events.

“The three of us helped make the ‘Legally Blonde’ sets,” Brown said.

The club also helped make some set design pieces for the play “Good People,” which played from Feb. 25 to March 5 at Piedmont Center for the Arts, Jeng said.

The club will be holding an art show at Piedmont Center for the Arts. The show will be from March 30 to April 2. The times are as follows: Friday: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday: 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Art will be sold and displayed.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Jeng

Photo courtesy of Natalie Jeng

“Most high schoolers don’t get the chance to show their art in an art show, let alone sell it,” Jeng said.

There will also be a reception on March 30, the opening night of the show, with food and drinks for all.

“The art center has been super generous in letting us use the space,” Jeng said. “We are so grateful to everyone who helped us out.

Only being a new club, Jeng said the membership isn’t huge yet, but she’s happy so far.

“We decided it would be a great way to leave our mark on this school,” Jeng said.

Each of them have their own personal goals, but they all agree on one: for the club to continue even after they graduate.

“It would be cool to continue these student art shows, and for it to be an annual thing,” Jeng said. “We want to do a school mural also.”

Hendershott said she would like to expand their art materials, allowing for different types of art to be made.

“My goal for the club is to expand around the Bay Area, and have shows in Oakland, Berkeley, places like that,” Brown said. “Even to have art competitions.”