Campus Question: Standardized Testing advice


Senior Maddy Tyler: I suggest getting a tutor or doing prep on your own, and taking the test multiple times to improve your score

Junior Sylvie Rood: For the ACT essays, it’s about if you can back up your evidence. Your thesis doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be pretentious enough. It’s just about your writing ability, so if you can argue something that’s totally made up then go for it. Your thesis doesn’t have to make sense or be logical.

Senior Natalie Stollman: Take it early! Study the summer before junior year and take it super early so you have time to take it again if you need, or even better, you’ll be done and so much less stressed

Senior Alisha Lewis: Start studying early! Maybe summer going into junior year. Don’t stress too much all will turn out ok!

Junior Isa West: For the ACT essay it’s not about the writing, it’s about backing up your evidence. If you can backup your claim, no matter how crazy it is, then you’re set

Senior Spencer London: I took the ACT. I got a tutor through study smarter. While it was tedious in the moment, I’m glad I got a tutor to help me prepare. As for advice for the actual day, I would try to get a lot of sleep and have a good breakfast.

Junior Ella Nielsen: Do a prewrite first on the essay

Senior Joao Fernandes: I didn’t get a tutor but I did try to study on my own. I made sure to get a lot of sleep the night before and ate a good breakfast, had coffee.

Junior Grace Charron: Sleep. That’s it.

Junior Ko Narter: Start early, don’t be blindsided by it, do it summer, or end of sophomore year.

Senior Cato Leist: Learn how to read, the reading section is the hardest, manage your time, skip questions if necessary.