Campus Question: Change in time between AP testing and finals


Due to the schedule change this year, AP testing dates and finals dates are closer together than they have been before. Has this change been affecting you in any way?

Senior Sam Rosenbaum: It’s been frustrating that teachers are still trying to cram in new material while I’m busy preparing for my AP tests.

Junior Anders Bjork: I actually kind of like having finals and AP Testing together because some of the finals help me study for my AP testing. I like getting them done earlier than later. Plus, I feel like I still has enough time between finals and AP tests to study for them separately without too much stress.

Senior Ryan Kong: The reduction of time between finals and AP testing has created more pressure on me as a student. Now need to study for both in a smaller amount of time.

Senior Kayla Lim: Yes, I don’t need to study for finals as much because I already studied for the AP test and hopefully i can remember all of the material!

Senior Andrew Meredith: I am only taking one test and I basically have no finals to do either, so it has not been to stressful. I could see it being very hard as a junior who is taking AP tests though.

Senior Trevor Huffaker: I like that all of the material I learned before the AP test will stick with me for finals. It’s also nice to have less down time in AP classes that don’t require further learning afterward er AP tests.

Junior Eva Hunter: I certainly believes it has added to my stress levels this year.

Junior Philip Horn: No, because I am not taking any AP classes this year. But I know for some students, this is rough since their final can be before or after AP testing, which I another thing to worry about. Personally, I don’t like how AP and Finals dates are so close since it creates anxiety, which then leads to high levels of unwanted stress. I would argue that AP tests should be moved to mid to late April.

Senior Samantha Merigold: No, because second semester seniors finals don’t matter as much.

Junior Micah Bloom: Yes definitely. It adds to the stress of the end of the year and gives me less time to focus on finals overall which is truly problematic.

Junior Bella Oglesby: I’m not taking any AP tests, but I can see how this could be very stressful. Lots of my friends are upset about this, and the workload hasn’t decreased at all which is rough for them.

Junior Edwyna Zhu: Well, it’s kind of a drag to study for so many things at once or in the same general time, but for the classes that have AP tests, it’s more convenient in a way because we don’t have to study two times.

Senior Rafi Chellew: It hasn’t made a big difference for me. It feels pretty normal.

Senior Olivia Bott: It’s nice to not have a gap between the two tests, so you can study for both at the same time.

Junior Will Reicher: Not really. I had all my APs the first week

Senior Ryan Padua: I’m not too stressed about finals because I’m a second semester senior.

Senior Keith Sibal: Not particularly because I’m a second semester senior.