Students transfer across campus to MHS


A towering white building with bright windows overlooks Magnolia Ave. PHS students may enter it for computer or art classes, but usually never more. Even though it only sits across the way from PHS, what goes on behind these blue doorways poses a mystery to many PHS students.

If a PHS student wants to transfer to MHS, counselor Amanda Carlson said that she helps them through the process.

“[The counselor’s] goal is to give the student general information about MHS,” Carlson said. “From there, we encourage the students to check in with MHS’s counselor and principal to also get more specific information about their program.”

MHS counselor Stefanie Manalo-LeClair also helps students with their transition between the schools.

“Once the parents and students feel MHS will be a good fit I am looped in,” Manalo-Leclair said. “And I work with the student to create a schedule and give them more information about the school.”

Carlson said that students decide to transfer to MHS for a variety of reasons.

“I’ve had students go to MHS because they don’t feel PHS is the place for them whether that’s a social or academic reason,” Carlson said. “I’ve also just had students feel the stress and pressure of PHS and they hope that MHS will be different for them.”

MHS junior Morgan Shelly said that she transferred from PHS to MHS at the beginning of her junior year.

“I decided to go to MHS because I was struggling in my PHS classes and I was concerned about my grades,” Shelly said. “I also wanted smaller classes with more one on one time with my teachers.”

MHS has less students than PHS, making the student to faculty ratio much smaller.

“The biggest problem I had at PHS was that I barely could ever find time to meet with my teachers if I was falling behind,” Shelly said. “MHS teachers are so accommodating and always find time to help you.”

Senior Christian Turner transferred to MHS in the middle of his junior year.

“The classes at MHS are much more flexible,” Turner said. “They adapt to each student’s learning style.”

Manalo-LeClair said that students that transfer will find out that MHS is a very diverse school.

“This is a family, community-oriented school,” Manalo-LeClair said. “We really accept people for who they are.”

If a student is thinking of transferring, Shelly said that they should talk to students that go to MHS.

“If you are considering transferring to MHS do not be scared to make the transition,” Shelly said. “Talk to students who actually go to MHS because most of the stereotypes that people hear about MHS are not accurate. I’m very happy that I decided to go.”

Turner said that he also feels happy about his transfer to MHS.

“Transferring to MHS was the best decision I ever made in high school,” Turner said.