New strength and conditioning coach sprints into action

Track and Field

Three words: Endurance. Perseverance. Stamina.

Maurice F. Scott is the new strength and conditioning coach, working with the track and field athletes to improve their endurance, perseverance, and stamina during the fall season.

Head cross country coach, Jeanine Bourcier-Holmlund, said that the track and field athletes who do not normally run cross country are working out with the cross country team for the fall season. They will run the shorter distance meets as part of the cross country team while gaining strength for the track season as well as working with Scott for strength and conditioning, Bourcier-Holmlund said.

Senior Bella Oglesby said that Scott is not working directly with cross country; he’s just working with the track athletes early in the season.

The purpose of off-season training is for track and field athletes to know of what they can do and what they will do in the upcoming season, Scott said.

“Right now we are getting the psychic strong, where you can be assured when you go into a meet or race, you can do this,” Scott said. “It’s just like preparing for a test, you don’t wait until you get into the room to prepare, you prepare two-to-three weeks in advance.”

Scott conducts exercises to strengthen his athletes such as running with a weight vest on, lifting weights twice a week, and running with a parachute on, Scott said.

Oglesby worked with Scott privately over the summer.

“I already saw a lot of improvements working with him privately for a month, but I think he is going to be a really important factor in getting our team to NCS, and be champions as well,” said Oglesby.

Scott started coaching in 1974 at El Cerrito High School.

Conducted by Scott, track athletes now have an organized practice, months before the track and field season starts, junior Skyelar Connelly said.

“In the end we all need the speed as well as the endurance,” said Oglesby.