Campus Question: If you could remodel the school what new thing would you include?


Campus Question: If you could remodel the school what new thing would you include?


Senior Lyndon Torio: A rooftop garden. I feel like the view has always been good but obstructed. There are not a lot of plants.

Senior Juliet Kucirek: I would add a lawn that people can sit on.

Senior Kylie Hilton: I would say picnic tables. There’s a lot of places to eat, but there’s not a lot of tables to sit at, where you can sit across people.

Senior Jack Bocheff: I’d add a remodeled swimming complex. I’d tear out the football field and add two rugby fields. I’d turn the 20s building into a multi-story STEM based building.

The 10s and 30s buildings would stay the same. The cafeteria and library would get additional space along with whatever amenities the librarians and chefs want. There’d be a new mulit-story art/architecture building, and the rest would remain the same.

Senior Ivana Xu: Sometimes when you want to go to the library during your free period, it can get kind of loud when classes come in, or when other people are just hanging out in the library.

Senior Jonas Rapport: I would include a nap lounge, not a wellness center, but a segment of the library that is dedicated to napping: an array of bean bag chairs, incense, and a large water cooler.

Senior Ray Chen: I’d refurbish all of the computers in the library and computer labs. In their current state, they aren’t doing too horribly, but we could always use an upgrade, especially when the quality of the classes we hold depend on the computers we have

They’re not always responsive much of the time and occasionally run slowly/freeze up.
So some refurbishing work would be nice.
I’d clean up the science building too. Fix the electrical outlets in some of the rooms, add new tables, make everything look cooler.

Senior Sarah Beasley:”I think I would add I don’t know if this is possible, but I would want an area that is sticked with either student tutors or a teacher at all times. People could just go into that area during lunch or brunch and just get tutoring. Teachers aren’t always at classrooms.Maybe a sleep area, a little zen area with pods.

Maybe I’d add a different food option. Food service too expensive. Doesn’t have a wide variety. One more option of food somewhere else on campus.


Senior Nick Chan: I would add a place to eat lunch because the cafeteria fills up quickly and there’s no real other place that would be good to eat lunch.

Senior Hannah Scoggins: They should add more places to eat lunch regardless of the weather.

Senior Kaia Howard: I would add a more efficient lunch line system.

Senior Ethan Tung: We should have a bouncy castle.