Campus Question: What would you add to the school during the remodel?


In light of the upcoming school remodel, if you could add something to the school, what would it be?

Lyndon Torio: I’d add a rooftop garden. I feel like the view has always been good but obstructed. There are not a lot of plants.

Juliet Kucirek: I would add a lawn that people can sit on.

Kylie Hilton: I would say picnic tables. There’s a lot of places to eat, but there’s not a lot of tables to sit at, where you can sit across people.

Sarah Beasley: I think I would add I don’t know if this is possible, but I would want an area that is sticked with either student tutors or a teacher at all times. People could just go into that area during lunch or brunch and just get tutoring. Teachers aren’t always at classrooms. I’d also look into maybe a sleep area, a little zen area with pods.

Hannah Scoggins: They should add more places to eat lunch regardless of the weather.

Kaia Howard: I would add a more efficient lunch line system.

Ethan Tung: We should have a bouncy castle.