Just Like Honey trio sings sweet first performance


Three sophomores stood in the amphitheater stage, hearts racing, feet tapping, eying the seemingly endless crowd of peers that extended out before them in disbelief. Kids munched on food and chatted while patiently waiting for the concert to begin. Just Like Honey performed for the first time.

Sophomores Sophie Hall, Sofia Butler and Ava Bogart had always planned to create a band together, and they decided to put that idea into action at the beginning of this school year.

“We met last year and we really bonded over our love of music,” Hall said. “We had similar tastes and so we sang together.”

Butler said it was not until they joined the Concert Series Club, who sponsored their performance, that they finally decided to form their band. The creation of the band was easy for them, but Bogart said finding a name for the band proved to be a difficult task.

“We procrastinated [on the band name] to the last second and we started looking at song titles on Spotify and one of them was Just Like Honey,” Bogart said.

The group said the name struck a chord with them. They decided it was perfect for their band and named themselves Just Like Honey.
Although they are a singing group, singing is not the only interest in music that the band has.

“I take voice lessons, I take piano lessons and I am self-taught in guitar and ukulele,” Butler said.
The band said that although they have mostly performed indie and pop songs so far, they are not limiting themselves to one genre of music.

Sophomore Suhaib Mumtaz was one of the many students who was able to enjoy the singing talent of the group.

“I enjoyed [the performance] because they are my friends,” said Mumtaz. “It was just really great to see them finally perform.”
The band draws inspiration from several different artists, including Gracie Abrams and Demi Clarke.

They don’t have a date set for their next concert, but the members of Just Like Honey said they want to perform for the school again. They also hope to perform one of their original songs in the future.

“We have written a song together but we decided not to perform it, at least [not at] the first [performance],” Hall said. “Maybe in the future.”