Dancers take the audience around the world and through the ages


At the winter dance concert, the audience saw members of the dance class imitate a medieval court dance, don flapper outfits to emulate the 1920s, re-enact Alice in Wonderland, and pop and lock. The show took place Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the Alan Harvey Theater.

The dancers chose as the theme of the show. Each dance focused on a particular time period or culture which was researched by the choreographer, dance class member Anna Fehr said.

“We’ve been working on choreographing dances for over a month now,” Fehr said.

Fehr said that the theme of the show pushed the dancers to expand their viewpoints and examine other cultures.

“The theme definitely influenced the dances,” Fehr said. “The first dance of the show was influenced by Latin culture and Asian culture, and people were definitely looking at moves that were relevant to those things while choreographing those dances.”         

Audience member senior Tallulah Lloyd said that the theme diversified the types of dances in the show which made it more entertaining.

“The theme made it so it wasn’t all one kind of dance,” Lloyd said. “It was interesting because it was different.”

Audience member junior Niki Roseborough said that the variety of dances prompted by the theme kept the show novel.

“There was a lot of different types of music and different types of dancing, which made each dance very unique,” Roseborough said.

The sound also played a role in audience engagement, Lloyd said. The dance “Noah” choreographed and performed by junior David Morris employed a humorous use of sound effects.

“[Morris] made his really entertaining,” Lloyd said.

Fehr said that her main takeaway from her experience in the show was that confidence is more important than everything going perfectly.

“Even if not everything goes perfectly or like you’re expecting it to, people in the audience won’t be able to tell how it was choreographed,” Fehr said. “The most important thing is to look like you’re enjoying yourself.”