What’s ‘Sup with Suppiger: “All I want for winter is you”


This year for the annual Holiday-Grams Troubadours did not sing the word “Christmas,” and instead were instructed by the administration to replace it with the word “winter” in all of their holiday songs.

Assistant Principal Irma Muñoz said this was done to make the campus feel more inclusive, especially because Piedmont High is a public school.

Senior Sam White said the change of wording was not the correct solution to students feeling excluded around the holidays.

“I don’t support this policy because of the fact that it avoids the problem,” White said.  “Mere replacement of the word “Christmas” does not mean it is not a Christmas song.”

Other students such as Jewish Student Union President junior Sara Zimmerman said she agreed with White that this policy was not proper action.

“I don’t think that taking Christmas out of holiday songs is really adding anything to make people feel included,” Zimmerman said.

Muñoz said no kids came forward and asked for this policy to be put in place or said that they felt excluded by the word “Christmas.”  TPH has not received the educational code regarding this policy at the time this is printed.

“We have to evaluate how to celebrate this time of year without over emphasizing one group over another,” said Muñoz.

White said that the school needs to establish a stronger student-administration dialogue to talk about these issues.