Winter Ball moves to Richmond Country Club


For the past two years, ASB has chosen Sequoyah Country Club as the Winter Ball venue. However, this year it will be held at the Richmond Country Club on Jan. 27, senior class president Sydney Willis said.

“We looked at various country clubs and the Richmond Country Club was perfect for our date and venue,” Willis said.

Willis and ASB member senior Cameron Addis are in charge of the event, Addis said.

“[Willis] and I, as seniors and being in our last year, thought we would change the venue for our fellow seniors so we could experience a different setting for our last Winter Ball,” Addis said.

Senior Jonathan Dinetz said that he is happy that they changed the venue this year and hopes that it will be even more fun than last year. 

Senior Lane Bentley said that he liked Sequoyah Country Club last year at Winter Ball.

“[The change in venue] does not make a difference to me, I’m driving to the venue either way.” Bentley said.

Addis said at first, it was a bit difficult finding a venue that was suitable.

“Our committee of five people searched through about 20 venues, and most were either booked or couldn’t accommodate 350-400 people,” Addis said.

Senior Hanna Hohener, junior Emily Yu, and sophomore Gabriela Hochster make up the committee that is helping Willis and Addis.

Addis said that another Country Club referred them to Richmond Country Club, so they decided to go visit the venue to see if it could be a good fit for Winter Ball.

“The people working [at the Richmond Country Club] were very friendly and had all of the logistics ready for us,” Addis said.

Willis said that the venue has huge green fields, a gated entrance, and a beautiful view of the sunset.

“We are really happy about the venue that we ended up getting,” Addis said. “[Richmond Country Club] is beautiful and will be liked by the students.”