What’s wrong with us?


Do we smell? Are we annoying? Is it us? With the recent growing trend of teachers, administrators, and coaches who have either resigned or retired, we are left wondering, why has PHS become a school that teachers leave, as opposed to one they flock to? 

Since Jan. 8, four teachers resigned and two announced their retirement. Even Witter field and Alan Harvey Theater are leaving us, with complete renovations approaching. As seniors, we cannot help but notice these prospective and past absences of faculty. 

It is a matter of mere coincidence or are we undesirable students to teach?

But while these occurrences may be this surprising to us, it has technically been predictable throughout our whole high school experience. We have seen a consistent increase of teachers leaving our school, not just this year, at what seems to be the peak of it, but also throughout the rest of our whole high school experience, including our former principal, Brent Daniels, who left last year.

So we as students are now going to take it upon ourselves to recruit teachers. Teaching at PHS is comparable to teaching at the college level. Our students are highly motivated and contribute to intellectually stimulating classroom discussions. While troublemakers can be found at any high school, only a miniscule sliver of the student population can be found JUULing in the bathroom. 

If the problem is the facilities, they will be changed in the next few years, no worries. A STEAM building will be built next year, with brand-new, modern classrooms. With physics and math positions opening, this would be the perfect opportunity for new teachers to step foot onto our campus, and find their sense of purpose among our driven students and impeccable facilities.

Some of the perks of teaching at PHS include, but are certainly not limited to, a week designated for skiing, as well as a block schedule, and smaller class sizes compared to other local high schools. Don’t forget that beautiful view from our campus.

We are intelligent students who just want teachers to stick with us.