May Plays



Junior Olivia Wiebe belted the chorus of “Since You’ve Been Gone,” two lights lit up the stage to represent two students who enjoyed the emoji movie, junior Abigail Seevak smashed an egg on junior Josh Rogers’ head, again, and senior TH Williamson shared his story of being diagnosed with Tourettes: all in one show.

The Acting 3-4 class paid tribute to their years performing on the Alan Harvey Theater stage with the May Play on Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12 night. The show centered around the theme of Acting 3-4 students sharing their stories, consisting of comedic skits the class created and personal anecdotes.

“Instead of telling one big story, they were telling their own story,” senior Lena Fleischer said.

Senior Alec Opdyke said the class named the last show for seniors in Alan Harvey Theater “Maymorium” because of H1 plans to tear down and rebuild the theater.

“We wanted to play us as the final thank you to the theater,” said junior Acting 3-4 student Ben Stormer during the show.

Fleischer, who attended the show, said it was deeper and more thoughtful than she had expected.

“I got a better understanding of each of the people on stage, even if I was already close friends with them,” Fleischer said.

The comedic skits of the show included a depiction of middle school relationships and a parody of Animal Planet about the evolution of high school students.

Junior Abigail Seevak said that the class brainstormed and created the scenes after the March plays ended.

“Groups of three would get five minutes to come up with something related to love or middle school and we took notes,” Seevak said. “One day we looked at the notes and decided which ones we wanted to do. Different scenes got assigned to different groups to write, direct, and lead.”

Another part of the show consisted of the actors thanking the Alan Harvey Theater. Senior Ellie Coleman thanked the theater for pushing her out of her comfort zone.

“Thank you for showing me who I really am,” junior Olivia Wiebe said during the show.

After the show, senior Anna Campbell said that the Alan Harvey stage has so much history, and the thought of visiting PHS next year and not having the same theater to come back to makes her emotional.

“In the theater there is an entire hallway with kisses, like lipstick marks,” Campbell said. “In the prop loft and costume closet, people have written their names and all the shows they’ve done. Yesterday, I wrote my own and it’s so weird that this part of the history of the theater is going to be gone completely.”

In the May Play, after remembering the characters each actor has played, the class showed the audience who they are. All lights turned off as the class gathered together on the stage. Each held a light and as one student read statements, each turned on their light if the statement applied to them.

The lights danced around the stage as statements such as “I cried today, I liked the emoji movie, I feel comfortable sharing my political views, and I lied to my parents this week” echoed through the theater.

To wrap up the personal anecdotes and comedic scenes, the show ended with the class performing a dance to “Another Day of Sun” from La La Land.

“I love the dance at the end because it happens after we do something more meaningful, and then we bring the show all together,” Seevak said.

Campbell, who choreographed the dance, said it was fun to do something as a whole class to end the show.

“Even the people who aren’t necessarily musical theater people, or they don’t sing or dance, they all do,” Campbell said. “Anyone can sing; anyone can dance.”