Senior Sports ceremony

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On Wednesday May 23, Piedmont High school held the Colleigent Athlete Recognition Ceremony in the Binks Gym during Lunch.

The class of 2018 has 17 athletes going on to play various sports including water polo, soccer, baseball, football, track and field, tennis, crew, and rugby at the Collegiate level

Assistant Principal Eric Mapes began the ceremony, and then each athlete had a representative talk about their achievements and memories that they shared about the athlete.

Senior Carson Gerhardy plays for the Men’s Varsity Baseball team. Gerhardy was represented by his coach, Eric Olsen.

“I had a great time at the ceremony as it was nice that all athletes were recognized for all of the hard work that we have put in the past four years here at Piedmont High School.” Gerhardy said.

Gerhardy said that he liked how Olsen acknowledged the fact that he had progressed over these past four years.

“I really worked hard to become the player I am today, so hearing coach talk about that was great.” Gerhardy said.

Gerhardy will be attending Trinity University to play baseball.

Senior Chaya Daffner plays for the Pleasanton Cavaliers which is a Women’s Rugby team.

“I really enjoyed signing day not only because I was one of the athletes recognized, but because two of my friends who also play rugby, Gavin and Quinn, were recognized as well.” Daffner said.

Daffner said that rugby is not a big sport at Piedmont, so she was incredibly happy that three students from our school are going on to play at the collegiate level.

Daffner will play women’s rugby at Quinnipiac University.

Senior Annika Disney played for the Women’s Varsity Water Polo team for four years in highschool and will go on to play at Santa Clara University.

“Signing was super fun and rewarding.” Disney said, “I’ve put in countless hours into my sport and it feels great to be going to the school of my dreams playing the sport I love.”

After all of the athlete’s coaches or representatives talked, Mapes ended the ceremony.