End reply all


It is 9 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. Groggy students are making their way to their second period class. They open the door to their classroom and slouch down in their desks. The teacher instructs the students to get out their chrome-books to work on an assignment. The students’ emails pop up, and they try to look for the assignment that has been shared with them, however they are greeted with something much different. They are greeted with over 140 new emails from various students in the school. Some emails contain obscure memes and others have the entire script to Star Wars pasted inside. 

Our school has recently been plagued with an email chain that has contained over 140 emails that have been sent to everyone in the school. It started as a simple survey question for a statistics class but soon turned into a school wide group message that 142 students took part in. I for one know that I was annoyed that so many students kept sending emails in this chain, and other students that I spoke to felt the same way. Email chains like this clog up students’ inboxes and make it difficult to complete school work. Students also have to spend a good amount of time deleting all of these emails. Many students sent emails in the chain telling everyone to stop replying all, but it only seemed to fuel the fire. 

To fix this problem, we must change the way we survey our school. I think that if a student wants to send out a survey, they should contact administration, and have them send it out for the student. According to Assistant Principal Eric Mapes, he sends out student surveys quite often, and these specific emails cannot be replied to outside of the actual survey. This would easily fix our school’s email chain problem and ensure that it would never happen again. 

I understand that this change would be hard at first, but I also have to send out a survey for my Statistics class. Contacting an administrator or Mr. Mapes to send out this survey seems like extra work that especially a senior in May might not want to do. However, our administrators want to help us. They are here to ensure that we have a great and successful time in our high school careers. According to Mapes, he is willing to send out student surveys to help them out. Although it might be a bit more work, we must have our counselors send out surveys for us in the future. By doing so, we can avoid these ridiculous email chains.